State of Georgia Travel Regulations for Rental Cars

State of Georgia travel regulations require that faculty and staff must determine the most cost effective form of transportation given the travel arrangements. Travelers must evaluate the cost of using a rental cars against the cost of using a UGA fleet vehicle or personal vehicle for travel. A cost comparison tool is available to assist travelers in this analysis at

Please note that this cost analysis is only one factor that faculty and staff are to consider in determining which, in your judgment, is the most practical and advantageous form of travel.

Rental Location Contract Vendor/CDP #
Georgia* Enterprise (Instate) Account 03UGAAP
Hertz (Instate) - CDP # 2018753
UGA Automotive Center
Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Hertz - CDP # 2018753
All Out-of-State Airports Hertz - CDP # 2018753
* All rentals that initiate in Georgia other than airport rentals can be used in surrounding states and can rent under any of the Georgia providers listed.