BSAG Current Projects

BSAG is currently working on the projects outlined below

Tracking student assistant/LBCLR designated employees. down arrow
bulletThis project is aimed at tracking work hours to assist with the Affordable Care Act requirements.
Financial/HR Data Warehouse and Reporting Pilot Project down arrow

bullet To address data access and reporting needs with respect to financial, HR, and other administrative data, EITS and Finance & Administration have initiated a pilot project with the goal of meeting the faculty and staff’s vision of a data-driven environment that provides intuitive reporting capabilities. This reporting project is expected to provide users with drill-down functionality, the ability to easily run queries and have access to historical data for reporting purposes. In December 2014, EITS and Finance & Administration started a 120 day pilot with Simpler Systems, a provider of data warehouse and reporting tools. This pilot will involve groups of functional users in schools/colleges/units and focus on the financial data and reporting needs of Principal Investigators and the administrative staff members who support them. Developing reports and functionality to meet their specific needs will be primary to the success of this pilot and such results are expected to translate well to data access and reporting needs beyond sponsored projects. Assuming pilot success, the scope will be expanded to include other administrative data types and sources, campus partners and data consumers. In addition, the solution may have the ability to serve data and reporting needs in conjunction with an eventual enterprise-wide finance and human resource administrative system. BSAG has also recommended that in the course of the pilot project, two related projects be conducted to address the need to access information on “all sides” of the transaction:

bullet Make support documentation readily available for Intra-University direct charges that originate from pre-approved units (CRS, EITS, etc.)

bullet Provide access to more than four years of data (specifically budget and payroll data).

bullet Create an online catalog of tables and number of years data available.

Creating status visibility for non-electronic approval processes down arrow

bullet This project aims at creating status visibility for non-electronic approval processes (e.g. subcontract payments, paper Personnel Activity Reports (PARS), salary action forms, salary supplements, and other paper based processes). Users desire the ability to see where transactions reside in the approval process. A workgroup is currently exploring a solution to convert the subcontract payment process from paper to electronic. Other workgroups are addressing other process solutions.

bullet An additional workgroup has been created to review electronic workflow/approval systems. Echosign and Docusign are being evaluated to see if institutional application is possible.

Business practice for employees on ending grant funding and onboarding issues down arrow
bullet This committee will search for solutions to the issues that have arisen when the grant funding ends for an employee causing an onboarding instance.
Electronic submission of W-4, G-4 and Direct Deposit forms down arrow
bullet Meetings between Payroll and Human Resources will evaluate the possibility of withholding and deposit information being submitted through the Onboarding system.