Lab/Supply Fee

Yearly Memo

To: Lab/Supply Contact

From: Bursar and Treasury Services

Date: January 22, 2018

Re: Lab/Supply Fees 2018-2019

Attached you will find a list of lab/supply fees that are currently being charged for your department. Please review this list carefully to ensure that the fee assessments are correct. All new fees, fee increases and/or decreases must be submitted to the Office of the Vice President for Instruction for approval by February 16, 2018. Please return the enclosed list to Bursar and Treasury Services to confirm that you have reviewed the lab/supply fees for the upcoming fiscal year by February 16, 2018.

Please note:

Any new fee, fee increase and/or decrease request received by the Office of the Vice President for Instruction after February 16, 2018, WILL NOT be considered for FY19 and will be processed as FY20 changes.

A list of reminders and tips are provided to assist you with this process:

  • Only those fees approved by the Vice President for Instruction and provided to Bursar and Treasury Services will be updated to the Registration System.
  • If a new Lab/Supply fee is required, please complete the New Lab/Supply Fee application form.
  • If a change to an existing Lab/Supply fee needs to be implemented, please complete the Change to Lab/Supply Fee application form.
  • Per the policy, the fee assessment and collection transactions will be performed by the Student Account System. No department or instructor should collect lab/supply fees from students.
  • Legacy DH accounts will have the following PeopleSoft chartstring requirements: Fund: 14100, Program: 11100, Account Code: 409901 and Class: 41500.
  • All lab/supply fee revenue must be spent by June 30th of the appropriate fiscal year.
  • List all course numbers requiring the fee. Include all split-level and cross-listed courses.
  • Ask instructors to review the fee amount for their course(s) so they are aware of the fee.
  • Since lab/supply fees are required for the course, they must be paid. A student's schedule is subject to cancellation if the fees are not paid by the 14th day of the semester.

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Brown in Bursar and Treasury Services at 706-542-6825.