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Purchasing and Entry System

The Purchasing/Campus Entry System allows individuals with the proper authorization to enter a purchase request online and have the request reviewed and approved through appropriate levels electronically.

Classes are offered at the Training and Development Center. This class will benefit:

New employees who will have purchasing approval authority in departments that are already using the online purchasing system;

Authorized employees in departments that are initiating the use of the online purchasing system.

Because of the security aspects of this portion of the system, access is being implemented on a unit by unit basis, working through the appropriate administrative offices.

Access Forms can be found at the Administrative Forms Web Site:

Electronic Purchasing History

Started in 1996 with the Georgia Center as our test pilot.
1996 20% usage
1997 30% usage
1998 40% usage
1999 50% usage
2000 63% usage
2001 72% usage
2002 77% usage as of Feb. 22nd

Contact the Data Custodian to arrange access and training.

Data Custodian
Annette Evans,
Procurement Officer

Phone: 706-542-7066

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Athens, GA 30602

706-542-2361 / 706-542-7035 (fax)

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