Determining Business Miles Traveled

If an employee departs from his/her residence on official university business, mileage is calculated from the residence to the destination point, with a reduction of normal one-way commuting miles. For the return trip, if the employee returns to his/her residence, mileage is calculated based on the distance to the residence, with reduction of normal one-way commuting miles. For examples on determining business miles traveled, click here.

Exceptions when normal commute miles do not have to be deducted:

  • The initial point of departure on weekends or holidays should be the individual's actual point of departure.
  • If an employee does not regularly travel to an office (headquarters) outside of his/her residence (i.e. residence is headquarters), the requirement to deduct normal commuting miles does not apply. Note: This exception does not apply to those operating under the State telework policy.
  • Employee may also be reimbursed for business miles traveled as follows:
    • Miles traveled to pick up additional passengers.
    • Miles traveled to obtain meals for which employee is eligible for reimbursement.
    • Miles traveled to multiple work sites.