Meal Per Diems

Georgia meal per diems are set forth by the Georgia State Accounting Office and are not governed by the Federal per diems. These Georgia meal per diem rates apply to employee and non-employee travel. To view meal per diems for Georgia, click here.

Out-of-state per diem rates follow the appropriate GSA rates. To view the GSA rates for travel within the US, click here.

The GSA rates include both the cost of meals and incidental expenses. Incidental expenses are reimbursable separately at actual cost incurred to the traveler.

Individuals traveling overnight are generally eligible for per diem amounts designed to cover all days on travel status. Travelers are eligible for 75% of the total per diem rate on the first and last day of travel for out of state travel and 100% of the Georgia meal rate set by the Georgia State Accounting office for all days of travel.