Travel at UGA: International

The information below is not a comprehensive summary of the complete travel policy. Please review the full policy for additional information regarding your in-state travel.

International Travel Basics


Submitting Receipts Expenses submitted more than 60 calendar days after the trip are taxable income per IRS.
Per Diem Use General Sevices Administration rates.
Day Of Depart/Return Per Diem 75% of daily rate.
Lodging Use General Sevices Administration rates as a guide for what is reasonable for the area.
Loding Taxes Traveler must pay taxes.
Permitted use of lodging service providers such as AirBnB, Home Away, VRBO, etc. PERMITTED.

Rental Car (non-airport rental)

Rental Car (airport rental) Hertz.
Airfare Can be reimbursed in advance of trip