Personnel Activity Report (PAR)/Effort+
Responsible Party Notification+
International Business Activity+
Access to backup documentation+
Improvement in the Residual Balance form (June 22, 2015)+


Elimination of Quarterly Overdraft Reports on Restricted Accounts+
Processing Invoices on Restricted Accounts in a Pending Status (June 22, 2015)+
Emailing Copies - Project Invoices and Reports+
Notification of Cost Share on Restricted Accounts+
Simplified Review of Invoices from Unaudited Subrecipients+
No Cost Extension (NCE) form+
Administrative Action Request Form (AARF)+
Fringe Benefits Only JV+
UGA Reduces Paperwork for Federally Funded Projects+
Elimination of AARF form for Foreign Travel+


Tracking student assistant/LBCLR designated employees.+
Financial/HR Data Warehouse and Reporting Pilot Project+
Creating status visibility for non-electronic approval processes+
Business practice for employees on ending grant funding and onboarding issues+
Electronic submission of W-4, G-4 and Direct Deposit forms+
Fundriver review of processes+
Have the Accounting System hold more than 2 years of data.+
Updated version of Kronos+
The ability to view any travel authority in your department, regardless of who submitted it+
Using Corporate Travel Cards for Travel+
Auto populating the travel authority number when creating an e-check request for out of state travel+
University Related Entertainment form access availability in the eCheck Request System+
Online Inventory of Surplus Inventory+
Support documentation for Intra-University charges (January 13, 2016)+
Change in the International Travel Authority Online Submissions (September 23, 2015)+
eJV (September 15, 2015)+
Online approval solution for off-campus equipment (September 15, 2015)+
Physical Equipment Inventory Requirements and Due Dates (September 14, 2015)+
Notification at the point of entry a new employee is working in another department (August 25, 2015)+
Payments to non-UGA employees (August 25, 2015)+
Relocation reimbursement improvements (August 25, 2015)+
Remove the Supervisor signature from the Travel Expense sheet (July 6, 2015)+
P-Card Log Improvements (July 2, 2105)+
Direct billing with Groome Transportation in Athens, Georgia (June 17, 2015)+
Information sharing with Deans and Department Heads (May 28, 2015)+
Classroom Equipment Purchases (May 28, 2015)+
Streamline telephone work orders (May 26, 2015)+
Delegation of $ for faculty retention/counter offers to schools and colleges (May 13, 2015)+
Up file size in eCheck system to eliminate reducing file size for TES forms (May 26, 2015)+
Best Practices for Handling Personally Identifiable Information (June 5, 2015)+
Eliminate the need to fax backup confirm approval on salary supplement agreement form (April, 2015)+
Better training for Web DFS (March, 2015)+
Hotline assistance during budget development+
Web-based leave request system. (March 4, 2015)+
Resolution to Kronos Java problems (February 20, 2015)+
Changes to Streamline the Carry- Forward Process (January 30, 2015)+
DFS Payroll Report Archive look-up. (January 21, 2015)+
Wireless Communications Devices (January 23, 2015)+
Base + 15% Flexibility (January 12, 2015)+
Sales Tax Exemption Certificates (August 23, 2014)+
Memberships and Dues (August 22, 2014)+
Group Travel (August 22, 2014)+
Travel Policy Updates (July 1, 2014)+
Procurement 14 Day Report (July 9, 2014)+
E-Leave review+
Kronos Process Improvements+
Travel Authority and Travel Reimbursement Processes+
Streamline Kronos supervisor set up to be electronic not manual form+