University of Georgia
Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Tuition Rates per Semester

(Fall 2022 and Spring 2023)
  In-State (Resident) Out-of-State (Non-Resident)
Undergraduate Rates (tuition does not include fees):
Standard and Online Courses (Based on 15 hour flat rate) $2,909 $4,895 $8,555 $14,415
Specific Undergraduate Rates:  
Bachelor of Science in Forest Resources (BSFR) $3,199 $5,382 $9,785 $16,488
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) $3,199 $5,406 $9,157 $15,632
Graduate Rates (tuition does not include fees):
Standard Rate for Master & PhD Candidates $370/hr $4,439 $1,050/hr $12,593
Specific Graduate Rates:  
Master of Social Work (MSW) $402/hr $4,824 $1,091/hr $13,090
Master of Public Administration (MPA) $417/hr $5,000 $1,082/hr $12,978
Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) $436/hr $5,230 $1,109/hr $13,308
Master of Historic Preservation (MHP) $436/hr $5,230 $1,109/hr $13,308
Master of Urban Planning and Design (M.U.P.D.) $436/hr $5,230 $1,109/hr $13,308
Master of Public Health (MPH) $405/hr $4,860 $1,076/hr $12,902
Doctor of Public Health (DRPH) $428/hr $5,128 $1,095/hr $13,129
Master of Accountancy (MACC) $529/hr $6,339 $1,168/hr $14,008
School of Law - L.L.M. Program $710/hr $8,509 $1,589/hr $19,062
Master in the Study of Law $710/hr $8,509 $1,589/hr $19,062
Master in Business Administration (MBA full time Athens) $566/hr $6,789 $1,359/hr $16,303
Master of Biomanufacturing & Bioprocessing $625/hr $7,499 $1,467/hr $17,593
College of Education - Graduate Programs $417/hr $5,000 $1,082/hr $12,978
Master of Industrial-Organization Psychology $829/hr $9,939 $1,508/hr $18,093
Master of Science in Business Analytics $720/hr $8,639 $1,400/hr $16,793
Executive Programs: Total Program Cost *
Master in Business Administration (Executive MBA) n/a $77,000 n/a $77,000
EdD in Higher Education n/a $59,084 n/a $96,341
Master in Business Administration (Professional MBA) n/a $56,400 n/a $72,000
*Effective Fall 2022, assessment for total cost programs will be $450 less per term due to the elimination of the special institutional fee.  
UGA Online- Special hourly eRates for online programs eRates
College of Pharmacy:  
MS in Pharmacy Regulatory Affairs $720/hr
Certificate in Clinical Trials Design and Management $720/hr
Certificate in International Biomedical Regulatory Sciences
(Name change from Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Regulatory Affairs effective spring 2018)
Professional Rates:  
PharmD $694/hr $8,318 $1,556/hr $18,672
JD $734/hr $8,802 $1,516/hr $18,181
DVM $730/hr $8,757 $1,966/hr $23,588