Mailing Address:                                                   Phone: 706-542-6931
University of Georgia  Fax: 706-542-6779
Payroll Office  
Business Services Building  
Athens, GA 30602  
Julie Camp, Director
Phone: 706-542-6931  
For general questions on OneUSG Connect or copies of W-2s and paystubs prior to 2019 please call 706-542-3431 or email


Payments to Foreign National Employees   Susan Caldwell / Ginger Ayers
Emergency checks, Employee Retirement System (ERS), Georgia Defined Contribution (GDCP), check reversals   Patti McDonald
Overpayment calculations, retro pay, garnishments   Dan Seymour
Paysheet adjustments for earnings and deductions, taxable travel, previous year information requests   Kasey Hillsman
Additional Pay, Relocation   Kevin Edwards
Tax questions, Teachers Retirement System (TRS)   Debbie Kuppersmith


Time and Labor

Overpayments for Biweekly, Shift Differentials, Auto Enrollment   Amanda Ganger
Maintain Time Reporter Updates (Time entry method, overtime/comp time, Time and Absence Approver, etc.), Timesheet Exceptions, General Time and Labor questions   John Macneil
Kaba Clocks, Task Profile ID Updates, Multi Job Employees   Audrey Schroeder
Emergency checks for Biweekly, Timesheet Exceptions, General Time and Labor questions   Tara Wood