Mailing Address:                                                   Phone: 706-542-3431
University of Georgia  Fax: 706-542-6779
Payroll Office  
Business Services Building  
Athens, GA 30602  
Julie Camp, Director
Phone: 706-542-3431  

Payroll Section

Wage assignment letters, direct deposits  Lester, Crystal
W-4/G-4, misc. deductions  Ayers, Ginger
Payments to Internationals  Caldwell, Susan
Address changes, copies of W-2s, general questions  Payroll Department
Academic & hourly personnels, employee retirement system, Georgia defined contribution plan, replacement checks, wage verifications, emergency checks  McDonald, Patricia
Personal service adjustments, garnishment deductions, cost reporting & questions  Hillsman, Kasey
Monthly & salaried personnels, check distribution, general questions  Hillsman, Kasey
Tax or W2 questions, teachers retirement  Kuppersmith, Debbie
Garnishment & other wage assignments, overpayment calculations, general questions  Seymour, Dan


Epayroll Section

Hourly and salaried electronic payrolls                                                                  Schroeder, Audrey    
Hourly and salaried electronic payrolls                                                                  Wood, Tara    
Epayroll supervisor/Academic payroll  Coddington, Christy
Monthly electronic payroll  Christopher, Debbie
Time & Labor Admin  Ganger, Amanda