Business Development Program

The University of Georgia Procurement Office provides assistance to small, minority, women-owned and veteran-owned small businesses seeking UGA contracts for products and services. The Supplier Strategy and Programs Specialist recruits the aforementioned businesses through business expos, networking events, individual counseling, and "How to Do Business" workshops.

In addition, the Supplier Strategy and Programs Specialist is a resource to the small business community, UGA departments, and to any local, state, or federal small business development agency seeking information regarding UGA contracts and bid opportunities.

The Supplier Strategy and Programs Specialist also seeks participation from minority, small disadvantaged, women-owned, veteran-owned and HUBZone Businesses for federal research Contracts and Subcontracts exceeding $750,000.

The State of Georgia defines a small business as one which is independently owned and operated and must have either fewer than 300 employees or less than $30 million in gross receipts per year. The small business may be a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or any other legal form. For all categories under small business, such as minority, small disadvantaged, woman-owned and veteran owned, at least 51 percent of the business must be owned and controlled by an individual or a group of that particular category.

Georgia does not have a small business enterprise (SBE) designation or certification requirement. Companies may self-report to designate themselves as a small business through the vendor registration process for inclusion in the University’s vendor database. Online registration for the University vendor database is available at the Unified Vendor Database.

Additionally, vendors may register with the Department of Administrative Services, State Purchasing Division to receive email notifications of bid opportunities. Instructions can be found at DOAS Supplier Resources.

The only certification by the State of Georgia is for a disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE), and that certification is performed by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). GDOT can also process a minority business enterprise (MBE) certification once the DBE certification is approved and proper criteria are met. The MBE application is then sent to DOAS who will approve the MBE certification.

Businesses seeking federal certifications should contact the U.S. Small Business Administration and register in the System for Award Management (SAM).

Additional vendor information and business assistance through the University of Georgia is available in the following document: Vendor Info and Helpful Links.

Federal Contract and Subcontract Assistance

A small business subcontracting plan is required for UGA departments seeking Federal research contracts or subcontracts exceeding $750,000. Awarded contracts and subcontracts require small business participation reports every six months, in April and October.

To assist the department in successfully submitting a contract or subcontract proposal, the Supplier Strategy and Programs Specialist:

  • Prepares the small business subcontracting plan for submission with the contract or subcontract application
  • Provides guidance on establishing goals and percentages for small business participation
  • Recruits small businesses to be available to provide the goods or services needed by the university for the research project
  • Files progress reports on small and large business activity every six months through the Federal Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (ESRS)

The Supplier Strategy and Programs Specialist will need the following information from UGA Departments:

  • The name and number of the proposal or awarded contract or subcontract
  • The name of the federal agency awarding the contract
  • The start and end dates of the proposal or awarded contract or subcontract
  • The total amount of the proposal or contract and the amounts allocated to each proposed budget sub-category: Supplies, Equipment, Travel, Subcontracts, etc.
  • The types of supplies and services needed
  • Notification when the contract or subcontract proposal has been awarded to UGA and the UGA account number(s) associated with the award

For more information, please contact Lauren Barlow, Supplier Strategy and Programs Specialist at 706-542-7057 or by email at