Sending Records

Only records for units of the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration are managed at the Records Center Warehouse.

In order for records to be properly stored at the University Records Center, boxes measuring 12W X 15L x 10H are required. These boxes may be purchased from the current office supply contract vendor. Each box to be stored must be labeled properly to include Box Number, Department Name, File Years, and Beginning and Ending of File (file series name). Please complete the Records Center Control Form, and mail it to the Records Center, or e-mail it to

CDs and DVDs are accepted for storage by the Records Center for Finance and Administration. Files will follow guidelines for retention and disposition as specified in the Records Retention Schedule. Each CD/DVD must be stored in the appropriate jacket before forwarding to the Records Center. Label each CD/DVD including Department Name, File Series Name and Fiscal Year covered. Complete the necessary information on the Records Center Control Form.

The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia now has a website for record retention schedules and codes. It can be accessed at

Upon receipt of the completed Records Center Control Form, the Records Center will make the necessary arrangements for pick up and delivery of boxed records to the Records Center facility for storage.

Sending Records
If you have questions regarding records storage please contact:

Finance and Administration Records Center
Administrative Services Warehouse
Phone: 706-425-3262