Chart of Accounts  
The General Accounting Department is responsible for the content, maintenance and control of the University of Georgia Chart of Accounts. Requests for the establishment of new account numbers or the change/deletion of existing account numbers must be submitted through the appropriate Vice-President's office for approval and then to the Accounting Department, 3rd floor, Business Services Building.

The Chart of Accounts contains account structure, account numbers, department, and object code information for the current fiscal year. Active account numbers/names and department numbers/names can be viewed on the internet by clicking on the Search Active Accounts/Departments links or by accessing the IMS Financial Accounting System.

If account numbers are viewed through the IMS Financial Accounting System, a User ID and password are needed. To view a list of all active accounts in a department, use the AN screen with the department number as the key. Select an account from the AN list for viewing on the AM screen.