The Business Services Advisory Group (BSAG) was formed in September 2014 and is an advisory committee composed of the chief fiscal officer from each school, college or major unit, plus representation from the Internal Audit Division and the members of the Business Affairs Advisory Forum (BAAF) Planning Committee .

 The purpose of BSAG is to assist in the identification and implementation of improved business processes designed for the needs of both the user community and administrative offices. BSAG strives to find solutions to reduce bureaucracy, improve levels of autonomy and risk tolerance, and provide flexibility because “one-size” does not fill all situations.

 The UGA community is embarking on a comprehensive business transformation project to adopt leading business practices, align our systems with those used by the University System of Georgia, and to utilize a new finance and human resources administration system that is integrated, efficient, modern, and supports data-driven decision making.  Many of the projects originally identified for BSAG to address will be now be addressed by the OneSource project.  During 2018-2019, BSAG will focus on OneSource implementation aspects specific to individual schools, colleges and units. After go-live and a short stabilization period, BSAG will shift back to its original purpose: end user advisory and identification of business process improvement. 

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