Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Cards - The Georgia Liability Insurance Identification Card FY2019 should be placed in each state vehicle and should be presented as insurance verification when asked by law enforcement personnel. Employees who use personal vehicles while engaging in official state business should also keep a card in their vehicle in case of an accident.

Auto Liability Insurance - Automobile Liability Insurance coverage protects the employees of the State, the University System of Georgia, and the University of Georgia for negligent acts while operating any vehicle (e.g. state owned, rented, personally owned, etc, etc.) on state business, subject to the provisions contained in the State Tort Claims Policy.

Auto Physical Damage Insurance - The Auto Physical Damage Insurance provides collision and comprehensive coverage for vehicles owned by the University of Georgia. Premiums for auto physical damage coverage are billed at 1% of the market value with a $25.00 minimum premium per vehicle. Deductible $500. Read the Automobile Physical Damage Agreement for details.

Auto Liability Driving Do's and Don'ts


Auto Rental - Loss Damage Waiver/Collision Waiver (LDW/CDW) insurance is included in the statewide rental car contract(s) at no additional cost. When traveling to destinations outside the continental U.S. (OCONUS) with the exception of Canada, the State Risk Management Department recommends that travelers accept collision insurance. If an employee rents outside of the statewide contract when the contract provider is not available, then they should purchase the additional coverage that addresses loss or damage to the rental unit.

Automobile Safety Information

All accidents must be reported to DOAS within 48 hours from the date the accident occurred. Any accident involving a state employee and a third party (vehicle, pedestrian, mailbox, etc.) should be called into the Network at 1-877-656-7475. After contacting the network, contact Vance Silcott 706-425-3083 with the claim center report number and police case number.

Volunteers (whether or not receiving compensation) have liability coverage under the General Liability, State Tort Claims Act, and Auto Liability policy while participating in a structured volunteer program organized, controlled, and directed by the University for the purpose of carrying out the functions of the University of Georgia.

The University does not carry collision or comprehensive insurance as a standard coverage. However, this coverage can be procured when desired or when required under a lease agreement. Please call the Administrative Services Division at 706-425-3083 whenever physical damage insurance is needed.