Mailing Address:                                                   Phone: 706-542-3431
University of Georgia  Fax: 706-542-6779
Payroll Office  
Business Services Building  
Athens, GA 30602  
Julie Camp, Director
Phone: 706-542-3431  

Payroll Section

Wage assignment letters, direct deposits  Lester, Crystal
W-4/G-4, misc. deductions  Ayers, Ginger
Payments to Internationals  Caldwell, Susan
Address changes, copies of W-2s, general questions  Payroll Department
Academic & hourly personnels, employee retirement system, replacement checks  McDonald, Patricia
Personal service adjustments, garnishment deductions, cost reporting & questions  Holbert, Christi
Check distribution, general questions  Hillsman, Kasey

Monthly & salaried personnels, wage verifications, emergency checks,
overpayment calculations, Georgia defined contribution plan

 Wright, Ashley
Tax or W2 questions, teachers retirement  Kuppersmith, Debbie
Garnishments & other wage assignments, general questions  Seymour, Dan


Epayroll Section

Hourly and salaried electronic payrolls                                                                  Schroeder, Audrey    
Hourly and salaried electronic payrolls                                                                  Wood, Tara    
Academic electronic payroll  Cadwell, Mary Jane
Epayroll supervisor/ Monthly electronic payroll  Coddington, Christy
Monthly electronic payroll  Christopher, Debbie
Time & Labor Admin  Ganger, Amanda