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Image of Jennifer Dunlap
Image of Andre Simmons
Jennifer Dunlap
Andre Simmons
Associate Director


Purchase Order Payment Processing

Image of William Hall Gibson
Image of Joseph Segars
Image of Belkis Duran
William Hall Gibson
Senior Operations Supervisor
PAO purchase orders, foreign currency payments,  PAO orders and foreign currency payments for purchase orders
Joseph Segars
Senior Operations Specialist
Sub-Award Payments, WEX Payments, Spreadsheet Uploads, Purchase Order payments for Airgas, Amazon, Amazon Web, MCF Environmental Services, Sierra-Cedar.
Belkis Duran
Operations Specialist I
Purchase Order payments for suppliers that begin S-Z (except for Staples, US Foods and VWR)
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Image of Cindy Churney
Image Not Available

Braden Bruce

Purchase Order payment for suppliers that begin with A-C (except for Airgas, Amazon, and Amazon Web)

Cindy Churney

Vendors Brooks Life Sciences, Azenta, Eton Bioscience, Fisher Scientific, Jackson Laboratory, Life Technologies, Ricoh, Staples, US Foods, VWR

Grey Melnik

Purchase Order payments for suppliers that begin with I-R (except for Jackson Laboratory, MCF Environmental Services and Ricoh)




Image Not Available



Chris Scott
Purchase Order payments for suppliers that begin with D-H (except Eton Bioscience, Fisher, and Genewiz)






Payment Request And  Expense Report Processing

Image of Ashley Burgess
Image of Chrisy Boothe
Image of Lakeish Laguins
Ashley Burgess
Senior Operations Supervisor

Christy Boothe
Employee Non-Travel Reimbursements,

Lakeisha Laguins
Payment Requests for Suppliers starting with A-K
Image of Cliff Lowe
Image of Karen Pina
Image of COurtney Tittle

Malik Jones
Employee Out-of-State and International Travel Reimbursements

Karen Pina
Payment Requests for Suppliers starting L-Z
Courtney Bonner
Wire Transfers, Voucher Chartstring Updates, Check Status (cashed or uncashed), Cancel and Reissues, Taxable Travel, Accounts Payable Journal Voucher Processing
Image of Octavia Dorsey
Image of Cliff Lowe

Octavia Dorsey
Employee Instate Travel Reimbursements, Petty Cash Reimbursements, Group Travel

Lauren LaRue
Payment Requests to Individuals, Unclaimed Property

Travel  &  Encumbrances

Image of Westley Bargo
Image of Kathleen Green
Image of Paula Fitzgerald
Westley Bargo
Senior Operations Supervisor

Kathleen Green
Purchase Requisition Coding

Paula Fitzgerald
Travel Agency Payments, Recycle Vouchers
Image of Lisa Jones
Image of Anita Jordan
Image of Nicole Klink
Lisa Jones
Accountant, Payment Request Coding
Anita Jordan
Supplier Registration

Nicole Klink
Reception and Non-PO Related Invoices Submitted by Suppliers



Image of Matthew Nichols
Image of Briana York


Matthew Nichols
Accountant, Purchase Requisition and Payment Request Coding, GASB review, Automation Projects
Briana York
Supplier Maintenance


Administrative Section

Image of Amy Collett
Image of Harlan Harper
Amy Collett
OneSource Financial Lead
Louis Arnold
Mail Distribution and Invoice Scanning