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Fiscal Administration Certificate Training Series (FACTS)

In today’s increasingly complex regulatory and reporting environment, we all play a vital role in achieving operational effectiveness and efficiency and strengthening our campus controls. Faculty and staff are responsible for a wide range of activities, and must manage resources effectively and efficiently, identify and mitigate risks to attain program objectives, maintain a sound financial condition for the unit and its programs, and comply with applicable laws, regulations and University policies.

To support the professional development of UGA faculty and staff with financial responsibilities and to promote excellence in financial management throughout campus, Finance and Administration sponsors the Fiscal Administration Certificate Training Series (FACTS). The purpose of FACTS is to provide a comprehensive fiscal management training and certification program that emphasizes technical knowledge of laws, regulations, policies and procedures, an understanding of established business practices and ethical management.


What is FACTS?

FACTS is a year-long program. A new cohort will begin every September. The program begins with a basic foundation of Core courses, which will be conducted during the first six months of the program. During those six months, the Core courses will be scheduled each month, for up to two consecutive days. Upon completion of the Core courses, participants will choose to complete at least one of the two tracks: Fiscal Administration Supplemental Training, or the FAST track, and General Resource for the Administration of Sponsored Projects, or the GRASP track. Each track contains a number of elective courses that will build upon and enhance the training received in the Core courses. These track courses will be offered over the remaining six months of the program. 

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What should I expect?

Participants must be available to fully participate in FACTS, including all six months of the Core curriculum plus the required courses to complete their chosen Track. A certificate will be issued upon completion of both the Core and one of the Tracks.


How do I apply?

We are now accepting applications for the FY25 FACTS cohort.

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