“In the Payroll Department, we strive to provide excellent customer support to build long lasting relationships both within the department and across the university. We hope that our care and commitment can help to increase the accuracy of employee’s paychecks, and leave our campus partners better able to assist their employees. We take pride in working for the University of Georgia and believe our work helps to build the foundation of UGA’s mission for research, service, and outreach.”


The Payroll Department is responsible for the rendering of all payroll payments to all employees associated with the University of Georgia. The department must ensure that all properly authorized deductions have been made and that all checks/advisements are delivered to the correct location. If proper authorization for payment is not received by the succeeding pay date, the Payroll Department must then hold such checks until authorizing documents are received in the department.

The Payroll Department is also responsible for the preparation of various federal and state income withholding tax reports, for the payment of authorized payroll deductions to the proper agencies, and for the maintenance of all required records pertaining to personnel paid through the payroll system. Subject to the approval of the Vice President for Finance and Administration, the department is authorized to establish the procedures and regulations that will enable it to carry out these responsibilities most effectively.