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Procurement Card Information

The purchasing card (P-Card) is a VISA card issued by Bank of America, who holds the statewide contract for the purchasing card program in the state of Georgia. A P-Card can only be assigned to a permanent (regular) employee of the University and can be used to purchase goods and services valued at $2,499 or less. Benefits of the P-Card include the ability to reduce petty cash purchases, check requests, and purchase requests while maintaining an audit trail and accountability of expenditures for P-Card transactions.

Procurement Office contacts for Procurement Card issues are:

Dawn Cowart, 706-542-7067
Carolyn Fairbanks, 706-542-7108

Potential cardholders will be placed on our P-Card implementation list and will be contacted when scheduled to enter the program. In order to enter the program, several actions must take place:

triangle The department must request Human Resources to complete a criminal background and credit check via completion of the consent form.

triangle Upon notification from HR that the required checks have been successfully completed, complete the P-Card Request Form. A link to this form and instructions for completing this form are located at the left-hand side of this page.

triangle All new cardholders and new Approving Officials must sign the P-Card Ethical Behavior Agreement and submit this agreement along with the P-Card Request Form to the P-Card Administrators in Procurement.
In cases of large emergency purchases ($100,000 or more) and if time permits, State Purchasing may request submission of written documentation of the circumstances before granting its approval.

triangle The Approver 1, Approver 2, Reconcilier, and Cardholders must attend a training session on the proper use of the card prior to the actual cards being disseminated for use. At the left hand side of this page you will find the P-Card Manual to help you with instructions and questions concerning the P-Card and necessary forms.

Link to P Card Manual
Link to P-Card Forms


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