CESS Approval Guidelines

State Senate Bill 465 established the Georgia Technology Authority on July 1, 2000.

This Authority is responsible for information technology (IT) procurement procedures and policies. The Board of Regents has been given authority to establish procedures governing review and approval of all IT purchases for the University System.

To request the approval for the acquisition of IT or data processing equipment, submit a CESS form with appropriate departmental approvals in the format shown at the Information Technology website
http://eits.uga.edu/hardware_and_software/cess. The classes of computer equipment which require approvals, the delegated authorities for such approvals, and a description of the CESS form can be found on this web site, or you may contact the Office of the CIO for Information Technology at 706-425-3162.

Once approval of the request is obtained, the purchase request with approval will be forwarded to the University's Business and Finance Office for procurement action.