Buying Printing

Sourcing Your Printing Requirements

Sole source never applies in printing. There is never only one printer who can do something that no one else can do. Reprints must still be bid. There is a clause in our bid and order terms, that states "all cuts, plates, negatives, etc. which are a part of the printing order are, when paid for, owned by the University." If someone other than the original printer is low bid on a reprint, the department may call the original printer for the return to UGA of any pre-press materials. They would then be forwarded to the new low bidder.

University Printing
Any department or fund listed in the University Chart of Accounts or the Student Activity Chart of Accounts is eligible to use Bulldawg Print & Design under the procedures contained herein; any organization, group of function not so listed will be ineligible. Accounts will be direct-charged each month for services rendered by Bulldawg Print & Design.

Use of Recycled Paper in Printing Jobs
All printing must be recycled paper. The goal is to use recycled paper on at least 95% of total orders. The recycled content and paper cost (approximately 25% of cost of order) must be reported on each order. Press books (perfect bound) are specifically exempted from the use of recycled paper. If virgin paper must be used, a letter requesting deviation must be approved at Vice Presidential level and forwarded with the purchase request to the Procurement Office.

Over/Under Runs
It is a standard printing practice to run 10% over or under the requested amount. Departments should take this into account when determining quantity. The vendor will invoice for the actual quantity. As long as the unit price is as quoted, a speed letter from Accounts Payable will be marked OK to pay without preapproval from the department. Departments may specify a smaller number of overruns, but if not specified the 10% standard applies.

Developing Specifications
If a department needs help writing a specification, they may call any vendor, George Smith (706-542-3861), Public Information (who has designers on staff), or the Procurement Office.

Additional information is available in the Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual, Procurement Section, Policy 26 and Procedure 20.