Scientific Supplies & Materials

All laboratory chemical and supply orders can now be processed using UGAmart. The iLabs system should no longer be used for chemical purchasing. More information on this process can be found in this short video. Instructions on ordering a few items previously ordered through iLabs are included below.
Feb 1, 2022: Please note that a process change to chemical ordering takes effect Feb 7, 2022. Additional information on that change can be found here.
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Liquid Nitrogen

Vendor = AirGas
Delivery = 2 days or less
How to Order from Airgas: Video (5:36)

Walk-in Orders: Chemistry Stockroom

Microbulk sales
Vendor = Air Products & Chemicals
Delivery = Monday & Wednesday
Contact Information:
Matthew Kempf:
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Dry Ice

Vendor = Select Gases
Delivery = Mon / Wed
How to Order Dry Ice: Guide

Walk-in Orders: Chemistry & Coverdell Stockroom

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Vendor = VWR
Delivery = Varies
How to Order Ethanol: Video (3:04) and Guide

Walk-in Orders: Chemistry Stockroom

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Lab Water Purification

Vendor = Evoqua Water Technologies and others
How to Order: Guide