BSAG Completed Projects

Tracking student assistant/LBCLR designated employees. down arrow
bulletThis project is aimed at tracking work hours to assist with the Affordable Care Act requirements.
Financial/HR Data Warehouse and Reporting Pilot Project down arrow

bullet To address data access and reporting needs with respect to financial, HR, and other administrative data, EITS and Finance & Administration have initiated a pilot project with the goal of meeting the faculty and staff’s vision of a data-driven environment that provides intuitive reporting capabilities. This reporting project is expected to provide users with drill-down functionality, the ability to easily run queries and have access to historical data for reporting purposes. In December 2014, EITS and Finance & Administration started a 120 day pilot with Simpler Systems, a provider of data warehouse and reporting tools. This pilot will involve groups of functional users in schools/colleges/units and focus on the financial data and reporting needs of Principal Investigators and the administrative staff members who support them. Developing reports and functionality to meet their specific needs will be primary to the success of this pilot and such results are expected to translate well to data access and reporting needs beyond sponsored projects. Assuming pilot success, the scope will be expanded to include other administrative data types and sources, campus partners and data consumers. In addition, the solution may have the ability to serve data and reporting needs in conjunction with an eventual enterprise-wide finance and human resource administrative system. BSAG has also recommended that in the course of the pilot project, two related projects be conducted to address the need to access information on “all sides” of the transaction:

bullet Make support documentation readily available for Intra-University direct charges that originate from pre-approved units (CRS, EITS, etc.)

bullet Provide access to more than four years of data (specifically budget and payroll data).

bullet Create an online catalog of tables and number of years data available.

Creating status visibility for non-electronic approval processes down arrow

bullet This project aims at creating status visibility for non-electronic approval processes (e.g. subcontract payments, paper Personnel Activity Reports (PARS), salary action forms, salary supplements, and other paper based processes). Users desire the ability to see where transactions reside in the approval process. A workgroup is currently exploring a solution to convert the subcontract payment process from paper to electronic. Other workgroups are addressing other process solutions.

bullet An additional workgroup has been created to review electronic workflow/approval systems. Echosign and Docusign are being evaluated to see if institutional application is possible.

Business practice for employees on ending grant funding and onboarding issues down arrow
bullet This committee will search for solutions to the issues that have arisen when the grant funding ends for an employee causing an onboarding instance.
Electronic submission of W-4, G-4 and Direct Deposit forms down arrow
bullet Meetings between Payroll and Human Resources will evaluate the possibility of withholding and deposit information being submitted through the Onboarding system.
Fundriver review of processes down arrow
bullet The Bursar’s Office provides detailed information on their website related to Fundriver and spending budgets. One on one training is also available to those interested. Contact Judy Scott at with any questions.
Have the Accounting System hold more than 2 years of data. down arrow
bullet Data is no longer purged in the Accounting query tables and the system holds more than 2 years of data. A data retention schedule was created and posted at as part of the Frequently Used Sites and Online Systems webpage. For the complete announcement, click here.
Updated version of Kronos down arrow
bullet The Kronos system has been upgraded from version 6.3 to version 8.0 and will provide additional features and benefits to users. For the complete announcement, click here.
The ability to view any travel authority in your department, regardless of who submitted it down arrow
bullet The eCheck/eTravel system has been changed to allow users unlimited viewing rights for electronic check requests and travel authorities. Users performing searches should use the appropriate travel authorization number or check request number, click here.
Using Corporate Travel Cards for Travel down arrow
bullet The Department of Administrative Services for the State of Georgia manages the state’s corporate travel card contract. The current contract is with American Express and is an individual liability card program, which means the travel credit card is in the cardholder’s name and the cardholder is responsible for charges and payments to the card similar to a personal credit card. This program does not provide any benefit to the University, such as having the credit card charges billed directly to the University. After conversations with several units on campus, as well as the BSAG group, we have been exploring other options with Global Escapes. For the complete announcement, click here.
Auto populating the travel authority number when creating an e-check request for out of state travel down arrow

bullet When you create an eCheck request for out-of-state travel, you have to put in the travel authority (TA) number. At one time, after the TA number was put in, the system would populate the payee name and address. A "Retrieve Traveler Info" button has been created that will now display on out-of-state travel reimbursement requests. For the complete announcement, click here.

University Related Entertainment form access availability in the eCheck Request System down arrow

bullet The University Related Entertainment form has been added to the eCheck Request System. It will be located in the Supporting Documents section under the Additional PDF forms not retained online option. The signature line has been removed for easier uploading to the eCheck request system. For complete announcement click here.

Online Inventory of Surplus Inventory down arrow
bullet The Property Control Committee has created a listserv that allows departments to post surplus equipment and supplies that are no longer needed in an effort to reach other University departments. This listserv is private, but access can be requested by contacting Craig Mathews at For complete announcement click here.
Support documentation for Intra-University charges (January 13, 2016) down arrow
bullet This project aims at having the support documentation readily available to the department end user when posting Intra-University charges. For complete announcement click here.
Change in the International Travel Authority Online Submissions (September 23, 2015) down arrow
bullet Effective October 1, 2015, UGA faculty and staff completing the UGA online travel authority form for International travelers will be directed to an online travel registration site maintained by the Office of International Education, and asked to log in using their MyID. Once logged in, they will be asked to provide their international itinerary and answer a few short questions about their international travel. For complete announcement click here.
eJV (September 15, 2015) down arrow
bullet The new electronic journal voucher (eJV) system is now available for processing of standard journal vouchers. This system replaces the current paper forms used to submit non-personal service journal vouchers to the Accounting Department. For complete announcement click here.
Online approval solution for off-campus equipment (September 15, 2015) down arrow
bullet RUSS is an online workflow application that supports off-campus equipment requests and approvals and is being used by UGA departments. To have your department set up to use RUSS, please contact the Property Control Office at or 706-542-4390. For complete announcement click here.
Physical Equipment Inventory Requirements and Due Dates (September 14, 2015) down arrow

bullet Departments are assigned annual inventory deadlines at different dates throughout the year. Annual inventory dates can be changed if they present challenges for your department. For complete announcement click here.

Notification at the point of entry a new employee is working in another department (August 25, 2015) down arrow

bullet Users will now be notified when submitting an electronic personnel document via WebDFS. For complete announcement click here.

Payments to non-UGA employees (August 25, 2015) down arrow

bullet The Accounts Payable department released a new Non-Employee form that should be utilized when requesting payments for services rendered by non-employees or reimbursing expenses to non-employees. The link for the New Non-Employee Payment Form is For complete announcement click here.

Relocation reimbursement improvements (August 25, 2015) down arrow

bullet The University has established contracts with two moving service providers, Armstrong Relocation and Graebel Moving Services. Beginning September 1st, relocation payments to third party vendors and related employee reimbursements can be submitted utilizing UGAMart. A relocation workshop will be offered on Thursday, August 27th from 10:00am until 12:00pm at Masters Hall in the Georgia Center. For complete announcement click here.

Remove the Supervisor signature from the Travel Expense sheet (July 6, 2015) down arrow

bullet The approval line was removed from the Travel Expense Statement on July 1, 2015. Travelers will still need to sign the form. For complete announcement click here.

P-Card Log Improvements (July 2, 2105) down arrow

bullet Cardholders now have the option to continue using a manual transaction log or create an acceptable transaction log from two reports within the WORKS system. For complete announcement click here.

Direct billing with Groome Transportation in Athens, Georgia (June 17, 2015) down arrow

bullet A direct billing option with Groome Transportation for shuttle service to and from the Atlanta airport has been established. For complete announcement click here.

Information sharing with Deans and Department Heads (May 28, 2015) down arrow

bullet Individuals who think wide-spread administrator training is necessary regarding general administrative duties (e.g. NDAH policy, how to do a budget, etc.) should contact Meg Amstutz, Associate Provost for Academic Programs. Alternatively, individuals may contact Will Richardson, Assistant to the Provost, to request topics be included on the agenda to present information to the Provost's Advisory Council. The Provost's Advisory Council meets on a quarterly basis and includes all of the Vice Presidents and Deans who report to the Provost. Also, individuals may contact Will Richardson to be included on the agenda to present information to the Vice President's meeting, which includes all of the Vice Presidents who report to the Provost and meets on the first Monday of every month. Finally, applicable central office staff are available to make presentations/hold Q&A on topics as identified and requested by individual departments or units. Deans, department heads and school/college/unit fiscal officers should contact central offices/administrative units directly to coordinate and schedule topic-specific sessions.

Classroom Equipment Purchases (May 28, 2015) down arrow

bullet The committee assigned this topic created a visual summary of options available to departments who need to purchase technology (upgrades) for classrooms. UBAS and other F&A units will look for appropriate opportunities to ensure good communications across units. For Funding for Classroom Equipment summary click here.

Streamline telephone work orders (May 26, 2015) down arrow

bullet This group identified the life cycle of a telephone work order in an announcement to the BSAG group. This announcement includes an estimate of the time it takes to complete each step. For complete BSAG announcement click here.

Delegation of $ for faculty retention/counter offers to schools and colleges (May 13, 2015) down arrow

bullet The group assigned this topic discovered that on November 10,2014 a memo was sent to all Deans from the Provost’s office to address this topic. For Provost’s announcement click here.

Up file size in eCheck system to eliminate reducing file size for TES forms (May 26, 2015) down arrow

bullet At the end of the working day on Friday, May 22, 2015, EITS increased the eCheck file size for attachments to 1MB. The file size was previously 512KB. For complete announcement click here.

Best Practices for Handling Personally Identifiable Information (June 5, 2015) down arrow

bullet To address the use of SSNs on background consent forms and the fact that sensitive personally identifiable information exists on other UGA documents, this group prepared Best Practices Guidelines for Handling Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information. The Best Practices Guidelines will be included in the EITS policy manual.

bullet Work team members are Amanda Patterson, Crystal Rogers, Lynn Burt, Leigh Knapp. For complete announcement click here.

Eliminate the need to fax backup confirm approval on salary supplement agreement form (April, 2015) down arrow

bullet New procedures for processing salary supplements were announced on 4/1/2015. For complete announcement click here

Better training for Web DFS (March, 2015) down arrow

bullet Recommendations to include electronic computations in addition to pen/paper calculations have been added to the Web DFS training sessions.

Hotline assistance during budget development down arrow

bullet The Budget Development timeframes are condensed. UGA begins budget development as soon as information is available but the turnaround deadlines to the USG Office are firm. The Budget Office staff will host a Budget Development Workshop on February 11, 2015, from 2-3 p.m. in room Q at the Georgia Center. This will be an open forum for the exchange of ideas, best practices and suggestions about improving the budget development process.

Web-based leave request system. (March 4, 2015) down arrow

bullet This project will allow unit level administrators to assess the F&A web-based leave request system to determine functionality in their departments.. Brandon Silvers held a Demo on the F&A web-based leave request system on 3/4/2015.

Resolution to Kronos Java problems (February 20, 2015) down arrow

bullet Kronos is a vendor provided solution and provides customers with updates using the most current Java version. Since the updates are provided directly from the vendor and UGA does not have access to the underlying code, UGA cannot adjust what is delivered by the vendor. Because many UGA departments have other applications which use older versions of Java, updating Java may assist with Kronos issues but will create new problems please reach out to Julie Camp or Christy Coddington. Together with your departmental IT people they will work with you to find a solution. These discussions are not unusual and Payroll has already worked with several areas to find solutions and alternatives.

Changes to Streamline the Carry- Forward Process (January 30, 2015) down arrow

bullet In an effort to reduce administrative burden and streamline the carry forward process, departments will no longer be required to complete a carry forward request form for their departmental sales and service (DSS), indirect cost return (IDC), and continuing education accounts. This change will also eliminate the higher-level approval process for carry forward funds. Requests for the carry forward of funds in student technology fee (STF) accounts will still need to be completed and submitted to the Accounting Department by June 15, 2015. For complete announcement click here.

DFS Payroll Report Archive look-up. (January 21, 2015) down arrow

bullet The Payroll Cost Report provides this information and is available to units electronically. For more information refer to the 1/21/15 announcement distributed to the MYTIME and Business Serv-L listservs.

Wireless Communications Devices (January 23, 2015) down arrow

bullet This project is aimed at removing the approval requirements at senior administration levels and removing the need to maintain a centralized tracking system. Instead, processes would be modified to allow departments to manage and maintain justifications for device purchase (similar to other purchasing), inventories of devices, and use records for devices.
For complete announcement click here.

Base + 15% Flexibility (January 12, 2015) down arrow

bullet This project is designed to allow units to hire employees within existing rules (base salary + 15%) but also allow the unit to move the employees upward to base + 15% without the need for additional approval. This same authority would also apply to positions with an entry maximum that exceeds base + 15%, allowing movement up to the entry maximum figure. For complete announcement click here.

Sales Tax Exemption Certificates (August 23, 2014) down arrow

bullet University of Georgia sales tax exemption certificates are now available online at Departments no longer need to request a certificate from or from Procurement. This change provides campus with immediate access to a document commonly needed for purchases.

bullet The sales tax exemption certificate is only applicable for goods delivered to or provided in the state of Georgia. The policy is located in the Finance and Administration Policy Library by clicking here. If you have questions about providing a sales tax exemption certificate to an external party, please email for assistance. For complete announcement click here.

Memberships and Dues (August 22, 2014) down arrow

bullet The Accounts Payable Department has identified a business process change for processing payments on Memberships and Dues. The requirement to provide a letter of justification approved by the cognizant Department Head/Director and the cognizant Dean or Vice President with the check request being submitted for payment has been removed. Justification detailing the necessity of the membership will only need to be included in the description/comments field of the check request being submitted. For complete announcement click here.

Group Travel (August 22, 2014) down arrow

bullet It will no longer be necessary to submit the Direct Billing Authorization Form to Accounts Payable prior to having travel expenditures direct billed to UGA. The revised Group Travel policy can be viewed by clicking here. For complete announcement click here.

Travel Policy Updates (July 1, 2014) down arrow

bullet The University’s travel policy was recently modified to provide more flexibility for certain types of travel expenses. While travelers should continue to seek the least expensive rates available considering proximity and personal safety, they will no longer be required to provide justification when lodging expenses exceed the federal per diem rate by more than twenty-five percent. Additionally, should out-of-state travel expenses exceed the amount approved on the Request for Authority to Travel, the traveler will no longer be required to provide a statement of explanation. The revised policy is available in the Finance and Administration Policy Library. For complete announcement click here.

Procurement 14 Day Report (July 9, 2014) down arrow

bullet The UGA Procurement Office is embarking on a new initiative to effectively communicate the management of UGAmart purchase requests. On a weekly basis, a report providing the status of purchase requests that have been in Procurement for 14 days or more will be distributed via email to the unit business leaders. The status on the 14 day report will also be communicated to the shopper, requisitioner, and approver through UGAmart comments. This report is expected to provide proactive and consistent updates to the end users, maximize the escalation path within the Procurement department to assist in moving the purchase forward, and increase interactions with vendors, other stakeholders and governing agencies.

E-Leave review down arrow
bullet This project will evaluate the process by which “leave earned” and “leave taken” is calculated. Controls to maintain accuracy within E-Leave will also be reviewed.
Kronos Process Improvements down arrow
bullet This includes streamlining the Kronos supervisor setup to be an electronic process instead of a manual form and identifying more efficient ways to manage changes to data after payroll submission.
Travel Authority and Travel Reimbursement Processes down arrow
bullet This workgroup will be reviewing current processes to identify improvements in the travel authority (TA) and reimbursement process including international travel review.
Streamline Kronos supervisor set up to be electronic not manual form down arrow
bullet This project is designed to identify ways this process can be handled electronically rather than manually.