BSAG Co-Chairs and Membership

The term/s of service are indicated by the name/s of the committee members.

John Graham (2019)
Holley Schramski

Budget Accounting
Teresa Taylor (2019) Andy Garber (2019)
Ken McCollum (2019-2020) Darlene McConnell (2019-2020)

Purchasing and Payables Travel
Claire Boyd (2019-2020) Kim Collins (2019-2020)
Kim Collins (2019-2020) Jared Peden (2019)
Melissa Hunter (2019)  
Bret Jamieson (2019)  

Grants Accounting Property Control
Shannon Kennedy (2019) Chris Williamson (2019)
Brad Langford (2019-2020) Tashua Sands (2019-2020)

Banking and Treasury Payroll
Lisa McCleary (2019-2020) Melissa Stoker (2019)
Lisa Cantanese (2019) Debbie Kuppersmith (2019-2020)

Human Resources Reporting
Kathryn Flores (2019) Allison Davis (2019-2020)
Traci Strickland (2019-2020) Laurel Palmer (2019)

Insurance and Claims Management  Accounts Receivable
Vance Silcott (2019-2020)  Joshua Worth (2019-2020)
Brian Freese (2019)  Lisa Catanese (2019)

Faculty Affairs  
Tina Weidemann (2019-2020)  
BSAG membership includes the follow representatives from UGA schools, colleges, and major units.down arrow
Janet Lance, Presidents Office Jenny Ramsey, College of Family & Consumer Sciences
Matthew Whitley, Internal Auditing Division Emily Czaplinski, Development and Alumni Relations – Financial Services
Chris Miller, Provost's Office Don Perry, Terry College
Sean Rogers, College of Veterinary Medicine Tonia Austin-Brown, Graduate School
Kevin Burt, VP Research Mica Turner, School of Ecology
Amanda Patterson, VP Student Affairs Anuj Sinha, School of Forestry
Kristy Walker, VP Student Affairs - Housing William Cheesborough, College of Ag & Environ Sciences
Gwen Moss, VP Public Service & Outreach Blake Waldrop, School of Law
Toni Rogers, VP of Instruction Melissa Hunter, College of Pharmacy
Pamela Burkhart, VP IT Tina Supakorndej, College of Public Health
Fran Burke, VP of Marketing & Communications Jeanell Muckle, School of Social Work
Eric Matthews, Libraries Kathy Hines, FMD
Bill Prigge, Medical Partnership Brett Jackson, Auxiliary Services
Leigh Knapp, Office International Education  John Varghese, Terry College – Dean’s Office
Andrew Garber, College of Education Phyllis Wells, University Libraries 
Jarrod Buffington, College of Engineering Vicki Poole, College of Environment & Design
Brooke Rooks, College of Journalism Stephanie Rosso, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Shelly Terrazas, School of Public & International Affairs  
BSAG Central Office Unit Membersdown arrow
Allison Davis, Accounting Department Russell Hatfield, EITS Admin Info Systems
Jennifer Dunlap, Accounts Payable Department Sarah Fraker, EITS Admin Info Systems
Kathy McCarty, Administrative Services Div Brad Langford, Grants Accounting
Vance Silcott , Office of Emergency Preparedness Lindsey Van Note, Office of Human Resources
Clayton Wilcox, Budget Division/Facilities Planning Office Debbie Kuppersmith, Payroll Department
Ken McCollum, Budget Division Chad Cox, Procurement
James Shore, Budget Division Annette Evans, Procurement
Sharon Thelen, Budget Division Crystal Rogers, Finance Division
Harold Waters, Bulldog Print & Design Chad Cleveland, Finance Division
Therese B Hodges, Bursar & Treasury Service Holly Snelling,Finance Division
Kimberly Seabolt, Bursar & Treasury Service Holley Schramski, Finance Division
Nicole Moon, Bursar & Treasury Service MaryAnn Deom, VP Office for Research
Lisa McCleary, Bursar & Treasury Service Shawn Hill, Sponsored Projects Administration
Leonard Dwayne Weaver, Mail & Receiving Services  
BAAF Membersdown arrow
Lisa Catanese, Auxiliary Services Division Susan Cowart,Student Affairs
Adrian Crabtree, Sociology Jane Magrino,Complex Carbohydrate Research center
Jeanine Meeler, Office of International Affairs Nancy Perkins, Microbiology
Sean Rogers, Veterinary Medicine Melissa Stoker, Small Business Development Center
Elizabeth Wilson, Georgia Center for Continuing Education