Disclosure Statement
Training Material
Sponsored Programs
Financial Management
Application of Staff Benefits - Provides guidance on the proper use and application of staff benefit rates as needed in contract and grant budget proposals and awards.

Committed Effort - Assists UGA personnel employed on externally funded projects to comply with the OMB Uniform Guidance and sponsoring agency rules and regulations related to committed effort expended on individual sponsored projects.

Personnel Activity Reports (PARs) - Contains requirements for procedures and documentation in support of the distribution of salaries and wages (direct and indirect) under a system of Personnel Activity Reports (PAR) designed to comply with OMB Uniform Guidance.

Cost Share - Helps faculty and departmental personnel properly propose, account, and report cost sharing and matching/in-kind funds with guidance to ensure compliance with federal requirements.

Cost Transfer - Provides guidance to UGA faculty and staff on the effective management and transfer of costs on restricted accounts.

Direct Cost - Ensures compliance regarding direct costs on sponsored projects being allowable, allocable, and reasonable.

Financial Reporting and Closeout - Ensures compliance with sponsor requirements in reporting for both interim and final financial reporting of expenditures, program income and required cost sharing in accordance with the sponsor’s terms and conditions.

Research Participant Incentive Payments - Defines the requirements for incentive or pre-incentive payments made to research participants in IRB-approved studies or participation in other creative studies.

Program Income - Addresses income generated as a result of conducting research, training and public service related activities while ensuring compliance with sponsor and university policies in accordance with federal regulations.

Fixed Price Contracts – Residual Balance - Instructs on how to access residual balance funds from fixed price restricted accounts.

Sub Recipient Monitoring - Provides guidance on how subrecipients conduct their portion of a project in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and award/subaward terms and conditions, and how costs incurred by subrecipients are reasonable, allocable, and allowable.

Uncollectible Restricted Accounts - Identifies the procedures used to ensure the timely collection of funds due to the university on restricted accounts.