P-Card and Sponsored Accounts

If a sponsored account is set up as the default account for the P-Card, all purchases made on this card must be intended for that default account only. If a general account is not available to use as the default account, then the following types of accounts could be used:

       triangle UGA Indirect Cost Recovery account (xx-xx-Axxxx-xxx)
       triangle Departmental Sales & Service account that is not for a specific project (xx-xx-Dxxxx-000)
       triangle UGARF Indirect Cost Recovery account (xx-21-RRxxx-900)
       triangle Set up a new General account with no budget (xx-xx-Gxxxx-xxx)

Questions relating to sponsored accounts as a default accounts should be directed to Contracts and Grants 706-227-7223.
In cases of inadvertent misuse, UGA will provide the BOR with: