Welcome to F&A SRG!

The Finance and Administration Staff Representative Group (SRG) is a collection of elected staff members representing each department within Finance and Administration. Each representative is dedicated to maintaining open communication among all staff members and Finance and Administration leaders. Furthermore, this organization strives for unity and collaborations across Finance and Administration.

Objectives of the SRG

  • To provide a forum for the introduction of staff related concerns and activities in relation to Finance and Administration
  • To discuss any concerns and determine whether an item can be resolved within Finance and Administration
  • To make recommendations that a staff-related concern be introduced to the University of Georgia Staff Council

We welcome input from our Finance and Administration colleagues on activities or matters relating to a unit, division, or the University at large. If you have an item you would like to see addressed at our next meeting, please contact your department's SRG representative to include the item on the agenda. In addition, all F&A staff members are welcome to attend SRG meetings. Please contact your representative to confirm the meeting time and location if you plan to attend.

Interested in joining the SRG

Individuals who meet the qualifications listed below and are willing and able to dedicate the time to the position should contact their supervisor for nomination to be the SRG Representative from his/her department.

The Finance and Administration Staff Representative Group, in consultation with the individual’s supervisor, will review the nomination form to ensure the individual has the time available to dedicate to the position. Should there be more than one qualified nomination for the SRG Representative position within the department, an election will be held where the classified employees will vote on whom they wish to represent their interests.

Individuals seeking nomination to be the SRG Representative must:

  • Be classified staff employees of Finance and Administration within the department they will represent
  • Have completed the six month probationary period
  • Have the time available to dedicate to the position, in addition to performing their regular duties
  • Be available to serve for a renewable two-year term.

Finance and Administration organization chart and the groups represented by the F&A SRG

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SRG Meetings:
The F&A SRG meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 2:00 pm. All meetings will be held on Zoom until further notice.

Staff Resources Fair

For information on the Staff Resources Fair, you can visit UGA's Staff Council's Staff Resources Fair page.